Because commercial software does not always meet your specific needs, R.Tech offers services for the development of your custom software.


We are willing to make or improve all types of software regardless of the level of complexity,
whatever your business is, from industry (production software, Industrial vision etc …), to SMEs (document management, automated billing etc …) and Scientific

Project life

Software development involves the following steps:

  • Expression of customer needs – Free
  • Analysis – Free
  • Quote – Free
  • Order
  • Creation of initial specifications
  • Realization
    • Development Phase
    • Internal testing
    • Customer tests
    • Repeat cycle and adaptation to a final version for complete customer expectations
  • Delivery and installation on site
  • Staff Training
  • Agreement

Expertise :

Cross-platform development (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone).
Languages​​: Microsoft. NET, Java, C / C + +, W-Language (Windev, Webdev, WinDev Mobile)