In order to improve manufacturing quality and profitability, R.Tech offers its services for the development of complete machine vision solutions to be implemented on your production lines.


This type of solution is very well suited to control products manufacturing which usually requires Quality staff evaluation.



Industrial vision is based on the use of a camera and a computer in order to control production lines.

The camera acquires images that are treated  by the computer which is in charge of applying directives based on acceptability parameters.

On the diagram above, the system orders to the controller to remove improper apples from production line and to accept proper apples.

Main advantages

Implementing such a system allows a reliability gain thanks to:

  • A continuous check.
  • Invariants decision criteria .
  • Traceability (computerized production lines can also generate production files)
  • Statistics (on compliance rates for instance)

Going further

This traceability allows, in case of return for error found on a batch, to trace back to parameters that engendered this fault.
Files can be saved in a database and integrated into a global custom manufacturing tool that offers a centralized view of the production via a network.

Example of application

Control and viewing of a plastic film heat sealing

The System is implemented on a moving engine

It controls the width of the weld, impurities and alert the controller if the measured values ​​are outside an acceptable range.

All values ​​are stored in a production file which is exported by the wireless network to a database server . This file can then be loaded and analysed in the viewer: