R.Tech is an SME specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics, with expertise in modelling high-speed flows. State-of-the art computational simulations are performed by using innovative hardware techniques combined with close links to research institutes. R.Tech’s main efforts are centred on code development (CFD and engineering tools) as well as large-scale computations, which can be completed in a short turn-around time.

Grid generation for large complex three-dimensional structured grids is an area in which R.Tech is specialised using commercial software such as GridPro. Work in unstructured and hybrid grid generation is currently under development.

The computational power required for the simulation of complex studies is achieved using the R.Tech designed supercomputing facilities. Large-scale clusters of single or multi-processor machines are created to obtain combined CPU power, memory and storage space.

R.Tech also offers services to port and benchmark existing codes on cluster architectures.

After the development of its activities in new domains such as engineering modelisations and creation of intuitive human machine interfaces, the company is always ready to face new challenges and will be the perfect partner for your future innovative projects.