Computing capacities
In order to cope with an increasing demand for CFD computations, R.Tech is equipped with in two cluster including 120 computing cores and 240 Go of memory, for a total of 240 cores.
With respect to the number of user, this is one of the biggest computation resource of the region.
The cluster is based on a linux distribution and will allow to simulate very high resource demanding CFD cases.
The rack tour has been chosen to be evolutive, and thus, the number of cores can still be increased if needed.

Cluster set-up service
Being a pioneer in cluster set-up for its own needs, R.Tech offers the possibility to set-up a turn-key solution fitting your computation resource requirements.
R.Tech can also help you to optimize your current hardware by optimising your software to get the best of your computation power.

GPU solutions
Always following the leading-edge technologies, R.Tech is currently developping softwares using GPU capacities for parallel codes.
Do not hesitate to contact us in order to evaluate the potential gain on computation time if you decide to port your software on this architecture.